My name is Josie Coffman and I am an experienced Designer in both Visual Graphic Design and UX/UI Design. In 2015, I graduated from Jacksonville State University where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design with a Minor in Nutrition & Foods. I try to incorporate these two interests into my work whenever possible. An example of this can be seen in a series I named “Think About It,” which directly targets the benefits of eating the best foods that fuel specific parts of the body.

I am passionate about creating easy to understand user experiences that have a universal flow! I am well-versed in working with both web and mobile UX design. As a UX/UI designer, I understand that I have to be highly detail-oriented, empathetic, and able to produce user-centered, research-driven design. UX/UI design also requires an immense amount of collaboration between team members (Product Owners, Business Analysts, Scrum team members, etc) which is something I really enjoy!

As far as my personal life I am a big "foodie" by heart and like to plan our travels around restaurants where the chef is passionate about creating an enjoyable user experience.  I appreciate how they're able to accomplish this through the food they prepare, their brand, and the ambiance they create within the restaurant. To aid us in our travels my husband and I are currently renovating our 1973 Land Yacht Airstream Sovereign. I tend to think we make a good team as my husband will do all of the grunt work to make it safe and functional while I will make it appealing and comfortable.

Chai Fanatic / Designer / Wine-O / Local Food Snob / Traveler