Spring 2015 Senior Show Happenings

Research Statement 

For this exhibition, I decided to incorporate my love for good nutrition with my Graphic Design skills to formulate a series of informative posters on brain health, heart health, skin health, and muscle health. My hope is that these four pieces generate awareness to the public on how our eating habits affect our daily performance both mentally and physically. I’d also like to point out that is affects how we look which goes along with the saying, “You are what you eat.” Today, so many people go after supplements and energy drinks in hopes of sustaining their energy rather than reaching for the nutrients found in the fruits and vegetables. 

Graphic Design is all about problem solving in color and finding a way for the audience to connect with your message. A well thought out design has the power of changing what a person may have thought on a subject prior to viewing. That being said, I have always been drawn to well thought out, eye catching graphic design work also incorporates fine art. Since I also enjoy painting, I chose to incorporate a watercolor medium to create a more organic approach to the look and feel of each poster. Watercolors seem to have a certain clarity or transparency without being overbearing in composition. By using watercolors with a cohesive choice in typography, these posters display a clear representation of the message of fueling yourself to perform at your very best. It is obvious that several foods are good for multi purposes in this series which demonstrates how important these foods are to our overall health and wellness. It also shows repetition in design choices and placement. 

If you’ve ever had those days where your body feels like it is gradually crashing and you can’t do anything to boost your energy levels back up, you may have been deficient in certain vitamins or minerals. This series delivers a clear picture to the audience on what and how they could change their daily eating habits to better their general health and wellness. I have included a magnet that explains in more detail these four health areas and the way you could improve your diet. Feel free to take one as you walk by. The importance of fueling ourselves mentally and physically exceeds our desire for junk food and far outweighs the benefits later in life. 

Thanks for reading!